Update on my pearly whites

by Sweetest Sin

So a week has passed and I’ve just gone to the dentist for a follow-up on my dental surgery last week. I am very relief to find out all is healing well though I have to keep an eye on this firm area where the trouble tooth was taken out. It’s a wee bit sore but the slight swelling could be due to a clot that has not been absorped back into the body. So will have to put some heat on it to get this flowing again. I’d hate to come back with an infection – Lord knows I hate taking meds!

So with all my wisdom gone, I’m back to square one I guess. Can’t wait for things to return to normal because believe it or not, I MISS MY SALADS!!!!

8 years and counting

by Sweetest Sin

Today marks our 8th wedding anniversary! I sometimes cannot believe that we’ve been married for 8 years and how the time has really flown by, What started out with a message request from Ted on MiRC in 1999, and us just being really good chat buddies ended up with us getting married in 2006. What a journey it has been! I believe wholeheartedly that this meeting of ours was totally divine intervention and nothing else. Why do I say this? Because, why pick my nick out of the so many that there listed there? And why did I choose to accept his chat request despite already chatting with other at the same time? Yes, it was normal for me to have multiple chat windows going at the same time – it sometimes does cause confusion as I’d be answering someone and they would have no idea what the hell I was going on about simply because it wasnt meant for them! lol :) Very common indeed….

But, yes….8 years and 4 kids later, we are still going strong. I have to say that I honestly believe that marriage is not only about love. It’s everything you’d want in a relationship. Love is part of it then there is trust, faith, companionship, and most importantly friendship. It’s kinda hard to be in a lifelong commitment if you dont like that person. ;) It’s a good thing I like Ted a lot. And I’d like to think he likes me too. :D It’s hard to believe but I dare say that I do indeed love him more and more with each passing day.

Happy 8th Anniversary, my Teddybear!!

O and did I tell you that we celebrated our first wedding anniversary with the best gift of all? Yup, the birth of Arianna! :) So……Happy 7th Birthday, my darling girl!! You’re growing up too fast, please slow down and dont talk too much about becoming a teenager – Mummy is not looking forward to it!!! Daddy might have to go get his gun license and book in some practice time too.

All my wisdom…..gone!

by Sweetest Sin

Today was the dreaded day…..I went to hospital for a day surgery to remove all 4 of my wisdom teeth!! (Pix of grubby teeth will be posted at the end of this post for those who aren’t into such thing.)

I had gone for a dental check up about 1.5 weeks ago thinking that this toothache was a small matter. The most perhaps I needed a filling or worst case scenario, pull a tooth. Instead, I was told that not only did I need filling, I also had to get all my wisdom teeth out!!! Why? Because I had one wisdom tooth that was coming on horizontally hence the ache was due to the tooth pushing itself out. :( To say I was shocked was an understatement! So we booked in straightaway for me to get all 4 out at one go under GA. That meant a day surgery….I was not looking forward to it but I refused to get it done in a chair with me awake – that meant that I had to do 2 at a time and I wasn’t willing to go through the pain twice!

So I went into hospital at 5.30am, got into the OT at 7.30am, woke up about 8.40am and was out the door at 12.30 noon. Went in with all the wisdom….left with a numb mouth, a bag full of pills and my wisdom (teeth) in a bottle. Glad it’s all over but overjoyed that I woke up from the GA that was my main concern! I have not heard of anyone NOT waking up but heck….anything can happen under GA. So praise the Lord that all went well. :)

Picnic at the park

by Sweetest Sin

It was the day before school reopened so we decided that it would be fun to have a day out at a nearby reserve and have a picnic while we were there. We ended up in Mandurama Reserve not far from home. It was a sunny but windy day so we were all rugged up! Reminded me so much of the time we went to visit my aunt in Holland and had experience cold for the first time. My body couldn’t decide what to feel! lol

Wondering what the heck she’s doing on this thingy!!

Finally can kick the ball without Mummy screaming at me not to

Little Ms Photogenic

Chomping on a cookie

Someone wanted to run down the ‘hill’ and so she did. Face planted herself, looked up, said “uh=oh” stood up and carried on. THAT’S my girl!! Not a tear, not a whimper… :)

In typical KR style…

Sisterly love

While we were walking along the bridge, the ducks saw us and literally came for us. It was scary!!!

All in all, we had a fun day out as a family which we rarely have a chance to. Today, it was great! ;)

Time is close at hand…

by Sweetest Sin

The kids have been talking lots about doing some after school activities. We have not really talked to them much about it but I reckon it would come up at some point. We asked them what they wanted to do and it wasn’t a surprised that they all wanted to learn music.

I guess there is no better time than to Start now. The girls wanted to do piano and Brandon said guitar. I’m glad that at least Ted and I can help out as I used to play the organ and Ted has a guitar and plays it too. All this talk about music got me wanting to catch up with Bengy, a friend who is into music software as he dabbles a lot with softwares and make his own music. Was just thinking if he could do something for the kids to inspire them….will have to see what he can do. ;)

Do dreams mean anything?

by Sweetest Sin

I rarely dream these days. Most night I go to bed and I’m out like a light! You could say that I’m one of those lucky ones who can fall asleep quite quickly and I guess I guess I should be thankful for that. But last night, I dreamt of my Grandmother. She has been gone for at least 20 years now and I reckon this is the first time I’ve ever dreamt of her.

We were having a party and I had a plate of string hoppers in my hand, loaded with brown sugar and a little bit of shredded coconut. I walked into the next room and there she was lying down in bed with KR (my second baby) sleeping beside her. I bent down and she opened her eyes and looked at me, ‘Leukemia”, she said. “I know”, I answered her. “But we cant do much, can we?” She nodded, storking my hand. It may have been a dream but I could see her so clearly, ‘feel’ her hands on mine. It was surreal. So anyway, I said we could pray and I started singing “He Is Lord”. And she sang along with me. She used to sing to me and it would lull me to sleep whenever we went to visit her during the holidays. This was when I was a wee one. I’d sleep with her in her bed and she would sing all the churchy hymms for me. It was beautiful and something I wont ever forget. But I could only remember 1 verse from this song and had to stop after that. I felt bad. I felt guilty because I had stopped and she clearly was enjoying it.

I woke up after that, feeling extreme guilt that I let her down that way. I dont know why I had suddenly dreamt her up. Can’t see if she’s trying to tell me something or not…I did tell sis and sis said it was a horrid dream. I didnt think so. In fact, Im glad that I did coz it reminded me of what she looked like. She made sure I didnt forget her. I hope that I dream of my dad one of these days. I’m so afraid that I will ‘forget’ him – the way he sounds, his laughter….if that ever happened, I’d be devastated!!

Missing in action

by Sweetest Sin

Gosh, it’s been a very long while since I last blogged and there are cobwebs EVERYWHERE!!! I have to say though I didn’t really miss it much but what I do feel sad about is that I never jotted down things that have had happened that I would have liked to have written down for posterity.

In a nutshell, since March we’ve since moved out of my MIL’s place and back home. While it was a bit of a sad decision, it had to be done for the good of all. I have to personally say thought that I am glad to be back to where I can feel more homely. J Nothing beats living in your OWN home. I have missed my sewing area, my dyeing….things I love doing I missed out on when we were away and now, it’s slowly coming back together. It’s been a few months and although things are not ALL back to normal, we’ll get the in time.

The girls have since settled in to their new/old school, made new friends and reacquainted with the old. Picking up where A left off and KR is just going about things her way. B is still talking about going to school but mention preschool and he runs the opposite direction! Lol The most change that has happened is most prolly to G who seemed to have begun walking literally overnight. As with the others, she was a slow walker to begin with. She was slow rolling over and slow to crawling. But I was never stressed because I knew that she would come around in due time. And she did. One moment she was holding on to the stool at the playground, and then with a bit of coaxing and encouragement, she took off. Just like that. She has not looked back since and this was merely 3 weeks ago or thereabouts. These days there is no stopping her….she is up and about, and always on the go. J It’s good to see how well she is progressing.

On a personal front, I have since started a temp job at a local government office and it’s been good. I think a workplace is more bearable when you have nice co-workers and particularly if you can get along with them. That itself is half the battle won. I’ve been lucky that most of my assignments have been with pretty good co-workers and supervisors. More often than not, I leave with more friends to add on FB. Lol Once my 6 weeks are up, I’m hoping to get another position so I guess I’ll be back to job hunting and hope that my agent can get something good for me. And if Lady Luck is smiling down on me, I can but hope that I can continue in my current office, though chances are this will not happen. But who knows…miracles do happen.

Another move

by Sweetest Sin

What can I say….despite life on my blog is less than exciting. My real like is far from boring!! While drama has not been a big part of my life, I have to say that today…it was.

In a nutshell, we have now moved back to our old place after giving living with MIL a shot. It’s not really working out well for all parties involved and just best if things just revert back to the way it way. This way, EVERYONE will be happy and no more treading on eggshells all the time.

And soooo….the packing, moving and unpacking begins!! By the time everything is over, I might as well apply to be an experienced pack and move agent!! :/

Back into action…

by Sweetest Sin

Well, it’s been a year since I last found myself in the work environment. The time has come once again to get my butt back into the office. Ted thinks it’s funny when he says things like, ‘Well, looks like #5 wont be far off then!”. He THINKS he’s funny…but HE IS NOT. Why he says things like that? Well, it seems to be some sort of a ‘trend’ that the minute I step back into the working world, I get preggers! :/

Must be some sort of sick plot that I’m missing….but anyway, the hunt is on. I’ve since attended one interview but had to decline it as it wasnt what I was looking for. But glad that I got offered another job almost immediately. I’m hoping to hear back from the agent to see if it will score me an interview. It would be really good if I can get a foot into the government dept. ;)

Pay back time is not far off…

by Sweetest Sin

Well, maybe in a few years time but the time I have now, I will use wisely and find something that will totally be ‘appreciated’ by sis and Mum….

Yes, my time will come people. It may be a years off but I swear I will get SOME sort of musical instrument to grace your home. O how I hate those recorders!!! One is bad enough – I have to deal with 3!!!! There is no worst present from someone who you love and loves you (or SHOULD love you or they wouldnt have done this in the first place!!) than buying a musical instrument for their kid(s). I’ve been so close, so many times to pulling my hair out with the NOISE a recorder brings about it….

So I reckon that it is only fair that I reciprocate the gesture….what better than going bonkers and shopping for rico reeds discount at WWBW – plus, it’s a sale….how could I possibly pass this up, eh? *insert evil laugher*

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