Another move

by Sweetest Sin

What can I say….despite life on my blog is less than exciting. My real like is far from boring!! While drama has not been a big part of my life, I have to say that today…it was.

In a nutshell, we have now moved back to our old place after giving living with MIL a shot. It’s not really working out well for all parties involved and just best if things just revert back to the way it way. This way, EVERYONE will be happy and no more treading on eggshells all the time.

And soooo….the packing, moving and unpacking begins!! By the time everything is over, I might as well apply to be an experienced pack and move agent!! :/

Back into action…

by Sweetest Sin

Well, it’s been a year since I last found myself in the work environment. The time has come once again to get my butt back into the office. Ted thinks it’s funny when he says things like, ‘Well, looks like #5 wont be far off then!”. He THINKS he’s funny…but HE IS NOT. Why he says things like that? Well, it seems to be some sort of a ‘trend’ that the minute I step back into the working world, I get preggers! :/

Must be some sort of sick plot that I’m missing….but anyway, the hunt is on. I’ve since attended one interview but had to decline it as it wasnt what I was looking for. But glad that I got offered another job almost immediately. I’m hoping to hear back from the agent to see if it will score me an interview. It would be really good if I can get a foot into the government dept. ;)

Pay back time is not far off…

by Sweetest Sin

Well, maybe in a few years time but the time I have now, I will use wisely and find something that will totally be ‘appreciated’ by sis and Mum….

Yes, my time will come people. It may be a years off but I swear I will get SOME sort of musical instrument to grace your home. O how I hate those recorders!!! One is bad enough – I have to deal with 3!!!! There is no worst present from someone who you love and loves you (or SHOULD love you or they wouldnt have done this in the first place!!) than buying a musical instrument for their kid(s). I’ve been so close, so many times to pulling my hair out with the NOISE a recorder brings about it….

So I reckon that it is only fair that I reciprocate the gesture….what better than going bonkers and shopping for rico reeds discount at WWBW – plus, it’s a sale….how could I possibly pass this up, eh? *insert evil laugher*

Happy Birthday Daddy!

by Sweetest Sin

You left us too soon – I wish you were still around to enjoy your grandchildren. I reckon you’d love them unconditionally and although they’d be scared shit of you, they would love you all the same. Seeing them with Pa when he was around, I know that they would just love being around you. The way they are with Mummy really goes to show that they are lovely kids.

Today is your birthday, you would have been 77 years old. It will be 19 years since you left us this year, and I still miss you so much. I’m scared that I’m slowly beginning to forget the little things about you. And its only because thinking of you makes me miss you a lot and emotional. It doesn’t mean that I want to forget you. You will always be in my heart….and in my mind.

Happy Birthday Daddy….

*hint hint*

by Sweetest Sin

We’ve got a mobile plan that gives us the opportunity to upgrade our mobiles everytime the contract expires. This is about every 24 months or so….and this is mainly the reason why we have a range of mobiles at home all still in good working conditions! Trust me, this is not me complaining but I feel really awesome to be able to have fairly ‘new’ phones in the market. I currently have a Samsung Nexus – no biggie I know but from someone who used to own a REALLY cheap phone, this is AWESOME!!

But the thing is ever since I got the mobile, I’ve been using it to take pix more often I use my digicam and it’s a bit of a bugger coz while the mob has a perfectly good camera attached to it and it is really easy to upload directly from the phone unto FB and the lot, digicam obviously have more options and what-nots. Unfortunately, my camera is so old, it can only take a 2Gb card. :/ Yes, how bizarre is that???

So I will be hinting VERY hard that perhaps a new camera is a good present say for….a birthday? Or an earlier celebrations say our WEDDING anniversary? :P Perhaps the best HINT for what I want would be if I bought the nikon d5000 battery charger and left it lying around, eh? :P

Basin baby

by Sweetest Sin

When we first moved into Ma’s, a lot of things got left behind and we are now slowly bringing more stuff over. One of the things I forgot to bring was G’s bath tub! lol Yes, go figure…. :P So seeing that I had already gotten her nakkid, the next best thing would be to have a bath in the laundry basin!!

Georgina the basin baby…

I’ve actually bathed all the kids here at one point or another but I’m not sure if I have shots of all of them in it. I cant seem to find them but for now, this will suffice. :)

A family affair..

by Sweetest Sin

Chez just got a call from his agent!!!! Woot!!!! His band, Sky Sings is finally getting the gig they have been waiting for, for ages! ;) Needless to say that we are all stoked about it. Chez is my cousin and he’s been trying sooooo hard to get a show for his band and he was totally speechless when Harv called to say they finally got a spot. :)

Now, the mad rush to get things organized. He’s asked me to check out some on stage mic stands at musicians friend to see if it’s good. He’s SOOOOO asking the wrong person! lol Might have to rope Ollie in for some expert advice since he helps organize music equipment and instruments. Thank goodness for Ollie!!!

When faced with wide eyes….

by Sweetest Sin

You take a pix!

Yes, this is the little girl who was MEANT to be fast asleep at 10.30pm but is obviously VERY wide awake. With Mummy struggling to keep awake herself!!

This is not a norm mind you. I’ve got a routine for the kids and while it doesnt always work as planned, more often then not, it works. This was one of those days where I most likely miscalculated or got her out of her routine. So instead of in bed by 8.30pm…I put her in earlier and after her power nap, little miss was ready for a trip into the town. lol

Needless to say I did not waste any time in getting her back into routine the next day. One day like this is more than enough for me!! :P

Being pampered….

by Sweetest Sin

Having 4 under 7 is not being super mom. It’s just plain insane. Yes, it truly is! ;) But I think I’m used to constantly being on the move that my MIL thinks that I cant sit still for a minute. What she doesnt understand is although I would love to just sit down and do nothing, I cant. There’s always something to do or has to be done. Things have to be organized in advance and you always have to be prepared. But I’m blessed that I have a husband who pampers me every now and then. I am thankful that he is the sort of hands on father who helps with even the housework.

Every now and then, I get to go off for the day, on my own while he tends to the kids. I like that. Spending my own time, by myself without any kids around. Lately he’s been pestering me to find something nice that he could get me. I guess after 7+ years of marriage, he has now come to realise that I like practical gifts and more so, getting me something I want than assuming I like something. :) That I like very much. I actually found something that I’d like at this site, but now comes the problem of picking the ONE that I like. Might have to let Ted do that bit….consider it his part of the contribution aside from the financial aspect. Hehe! :P

Scary times ahead!

by Sweetest Sin

Watching the news these days, it’s very worrying and depressing. Teens these days seem careless and truly have no idea what the value of life is. The latest trend is daring each other over FB and this actually have resulted in a few deaths. What do you expect when you skull 2 pints of vodka?? This just reminds me of my teenage years and I doubt I was ever this silly! Yes, I had fun days…booze and music, every weekend but there was always a limit.

I love those days. And I miss them too though I have no regrets at all. I had many musician friends back then and we used to all go for gigs and shows whenever they played. It was a norm when our DJ friends brought out their equipement and I used to think, ‘Omg, that is a LOT of buttons!!”, and the controllers look similar to the ddj sx-n at musicians friend, not that I know how it all works. lol It would take me a lifetime to figure it out! But yes, those were the days….when we still have a level head on our shoulders. I just hope that my kids will think twice before doing something stupid. It might be a big ask, but one can hope eh?

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