I want, I want, I want….

by Sweetest Sin

I’m such a whinger today! If you follow my blog, you’ll know that this is so not me. *lol* I bet I sound like someone who’s got something stuck up my bum based on the amount of ranting I’ve been doing but mainly, the number of posts I’ve done today. LOL Don’t worry though, I don’t need no colon cleanse just yet! :P

I tell you, being on FB is really a great way to get ideas on what to blog about and this season being Christmas, I noticed a rather disturbing trend in almost everyone on my network. Whether they celebrate Christmas or not, everyone wants a Christmas present! And if you notice, come Chinese New Year, everyone wants wants angpow [red money packets]. With Deepavali and Raya, it’s the want for delish food and of course, inviting themselves over although, open house during these times are quite common, so whether or not the invitation is merely ajak-ajak ayam [insincere invite], I am unsure.

Anyway, the common thing that bothered me the most is that people all seem to want. “I want this for Christmas, I want that for Christmas…want to ask Mum/Dad for X for Christmas”. The list of wants is just absolutely horrifying. I don’t know if it’s age or what with me, but I just think it’s ridiculous how people just seem to want so much. And sometimes I wonder if they have ever thought about what they are going to give back in return.

Not to masuk bakul and angkat sendiri [self praise in short coz everyone knows that self praise is no praise] but I’ve not asked for anything, present wise for a long time now. I feel obliged when people give me things. I bet this makes me sound stupid and silly right? Most of you will think, “Aiyo, people give you present and you feel obliged? Why not just enjoy it?”. Well, sad to say, in my opinion, when people give you something, big or small, doesn’t matter….like it or not, and more often than not, they normally expect something in return. If they don’t get something this year, they will certainly expect it next year.

Perhaps I’m looking at it at too deep a level but I persoanlly feel that if people were giving more than wanting, I’m really sure that the world would be a better place to live in, in general. And when you remove the aspect of expectation of getting something, life is so much better to live because when you don’t expect something and you get it….it is sweet!!

My goodness, I think I’m getting old…..

2 Responses to “I want, I want, I want….”

  1. Dawn says:

    Yvy, I’m with you here…I think all these holiday festivities are becoming so commercialized, everyone thinks it’s a need to want something or rather. I WANT a paying job for my hubby…I will pray hard! :)

    Merry Christmas to you, Ted, Arianna and KR! :)

  2. Sweetest Sin says:

    dawn @ merry christmas to you and your family too! :) as for your want, i’m sure santa will hear you out on this one! :D good luck, dear….

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