These boots are made for walking

by Sweetest Sin

I honestly didn’t realise that it is April Fool’s Day coz I havent got pranked on in years and I guess as you get older the novelty wears off and it really is just another day. The only fanstastic thing that happened today is that I (finally) got me a pair of knee high boots!! WOOT!!

While I love boots, I got no reason to buy any coz I dont go out often enough to warrant forking out money for shoes – I’m not a shoe person as you can see. So since I started working, I’ve been dressing up a bit more and well, one should have a pair of boots especially during autumn and winter because of the cold wind. I’m very happy with my black boots and next time, I think I’ll get me a brown pair.

**Note : I dont normally put up pix of myself but I love my boots, so I’m showing off. :P

This is me after work, the first time I wore my boots to work. :P

And this is me in my attempts of looking like a yummy mummy. I actually got dressed up to go veggie shopping! LOL

It will be awhile before you get to see me full length again – I feel like a sack of potatoes on matchsticks! It sort of makes me think… effective and safe is phenteripped? I might just check it out one of these days….

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